What is NFT and how to make one?

What is NFT and how to make one?

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How to create an NFT

NFT is a hit right now and we can see a trend that will not die so soon. It will continue to rise. NFT is very interesting. We believe that at a certain level it should be something that we can start to look into as this will not go away but the more will put more emphasis on it. NFT will be more and more and it is something nice to trade for especially with the invention of Metaverse right now it is very useful when having NFT. Even now there are events or clubs in the Metaverse just because you are a holder of an NFT or more NFTs. 


What is NFT?


What NFT is is something called Non-fungible Token. What this is is so that when you are the holder of that something in digital format, you are able to hold ownership on it. Something like a copyright that no one else can copy or even use without your permission. We know that when things are on the internet there are a lot of times that they are downloaded and used as though it is theirs even if you are the creator. So the item that you have done could be without value because if you are to put it up there then there are ways that people can duplicate it and so on but with Non-fungible Token, they are not able to do so. There is a holder name or creator name that is linked to you directly and they will be able to view it but will not be able to download or use it in any way unless they are the holder of that item. 


The Item could be music, art, recording and more, as long as it is in the digital format and it is yours to begin with then you are able to mint it to be an NFT and have your name written all over it.


What is Mint?


Mint or minting is a process where you mint by uploading your creation onto a blockchain and register it as yours officially and by uploading or minting it, you are able to then trade it for the blockchain’s currency, keep it as your own and even get royalties from it. So what minting is is literally to put it up into the blockchain and register it as yours. 

How to create an NFT

How to create an NFT?


How to create an NFT? It is quite a simple process. Essentially you will first need to have your own product or item that belongs to you or you yourself have created it with your own ability. Then you will go into a blockchain of your choice, choose also the marketplace that you potentially want to trade it for and when the minting window is open just mint by uploading the item of yours and wait. Once it is done, the item will be in your wallet and it will be under your name. After the minting process is done, then you are able to either sell it, keep it or so whatever you see fit as long as it’s legal. It is yours anyway. 


So are you interested in creating an NFT? You can and you can always do it at your time and pace. It is all up to you to enjoy the process as well. Do what you will with the information you have. Cheers.

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