Web Hosting 101: Why is it good for VPS users?

Web Hosting 101: Why is it good for VPS users?

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CloudLinux is an efficient and reliable tool. It isolates every cPanel account to its very own LVE, or Lightweight Virtualized Environment, and allocates resources. The isolation improves reliability and security, just in case the websites encounter a runaway script or compromised with malicious scripts. If that happens, the websites on the server won’t be affected.

1. CloudLinux improves stability.

This is one of the first things you should know if you are researching on top web hosting companies. CloudLinux came up with a so-called “Lightweight Virtual Environment” that can handle isolation and resource monitoring. This enhances the stability and density of your web hosting environment.

2. Multiple PHP Versions

Are you familiar with CloudLinux PHP Selector? CloudLinux comes with this! It is built on the panel, giving customers the flexibility to pick the PHP version they need. They can also change this version instantly–with just one click of a button.

CloudLinux ensures that all PHP versions are lightning fast, resulting in happy customers and secure websites.

3. Enforceable Resource Limits

Because of MySQL, the allowable resources for every cPanel account is limited. This includes IO, CPU quota, concurrent connection and number of processes. It gives web hosting hosts complete control over these statistics. This is important in limiting abuses while allowing all the good customers to have what they need.

4. Increased Security

CloudLinux has also developed CageFS, a virtualized, reliable per-user file system. It encapsulates every customer, and prevents people from seeing each other, and looking at sensitive details.

Looking for another tool that can enhance security? Source Links is another quality security-enhancing technology that can prevent symbolic line attacks.