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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Web Development

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Mistakes You Should Avoid in Web Development

Committing mistakes is human nature and that happens in all aspects of life, including website building developers. In developing a website, there are little mistakes that can be easily corrected. But there are big ones that also come with big aftermaths.

These are the five top blunders that you should know, so you will be aware not to do them in the future:

1. Trying to be so unique that the website already looks out of this world.
We all want to be original. But there is no really such thing as an original idea. Even the beautifully done websites today took inspiration from the idea of others. This does not mean you can simply copy others ideas. It’s just that there is no sense in trying to jump start with a very unique concept when the design does not appeal to your targeted audience in the first place. It will not hurt to check other sites. It’s even recommended that you go to the sites you personally like so you can get the feel and look of it.

2. Not being clear about your aim for your website visitors.
Anyone with a website aims for conversion. But did you know that only 2 out of 100 site visitors can be your customers? Don’t reduce the number. Make sure that you have a clear definition of what you want your site visitors to do as soon as they landed your site. For instance, you can immediately offer your most popular products when you have an online retail store. Or if your business is more on services, why not include your contact number upfront?

3. Looking at yourself as a web designer.
Even if you already have the advanced skills in photo editing, there are still stuff you cannot square away unless of course you also studied web design. Remember that developing and designing websites are two different things. Just leave the beautification of your website to the experts unless you are willing to devote so many hours getting things right.

4. Assuming that your designer always gets what you wanted to happen.
The problem with outsourcing people is that they might not be aware of your business or your targeted audience. Because you hired a freelancer, they simply do what you ask them to do. But that’s when the problem starts. To keep this from happening, you can create a wire frame. This lets you imagine your site visitor’s experience.

5. Creating a website on a custom platform.It is recommended that you run your business on common framework especially when your company has nothing to do with software as a service or web app. This is because it is easier to maintain compared to sites that offer custom platform. You have to be discerning when it comes to the platform you will use because you might encounter problems when it comes to switching from a single platform to another.

As you can see, there is really nothing knew in the mistakes listed above. Still, many web developers commit these blunders over and over again. If you kept falling to the same trap, it’s time to review these mistakes. This way, you can better address them and even keep them from happening in the first place.