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Top 5 Popular Manga Series

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Finished with your must-read list and looking for popular manga series to read? Here are the top 5 popular manga series in 2022 right now. 

Blue Lock

There is unrest in the Japanese soccer community after losing the World Cup. Most weren’t disturbed and deterred by the lack of trophies, but one of the members of the team was – the newcomer, Anri Teiri. She is confident that she is able to fix the problem with Japanese soccer players. To reach her goal, she hires a respectable trainer, Jinpachi Ego, who planned that they should recruit 300 young soccer players in Japan, then, sends them to a training facility where he will scout the best striker. Out of the 300, number 299, Yoichi Isagi, aims to come out on top.

Sakamoto Days

Used to be a hitman, Taro Sakamoto is living a quiet life as a retired, married man. Despite living as a convenience store owner, his old life still pursues him. Now, Sakamoto, and a young man named Shin Asakura who is a telepath and an employee of his store, must fight to protect his current life and family, before trouble brews. 

Death Note Short Series

Are you a fan of Death Note? Then, this series is a continuation of what happened after Kira. The short story contains six chapters which are self-contained one-shots. The chapters include The C-Kira Story, the a-Kira Story, L-One Day, L-The Wammy’s House, The Taro Kagami Story, and a Four-panel scribbles on Death Note.  

Alice in Borderland

You might have heard of the tv series version, let’s dive into the manga series version. Leaving school soon, Ryohei Arisu tries his best to avoid thinking about his future due to depression. However, one night when he went out to see the fireworks with his two friends: Karube and Chota, an odd event happened. As they were blinded by a bright explosion, they find themselves in a different world. The world, called ‘Borderland’ is somewhat a battle royale where they have to participate in various deadly games or perish. 

My Dress-Up Darling

Being a hina doll craftsman is Wakana Gojo’s biggest dream. He routinely practices, even in the school’s sewing room, because he is determined to master his trade. As he was busy with his sewing work, one of the most beautiful students in the school, Marin Kitagawa, sees him. Gojo was initially embarrassed, however, Kitagawa was fascinated. Turns out, Kitagawa had always wanted to cosplay for a while and asked Gojo if he could sew outfits for her. Gojo agrees despite having no prior expertise in creating costumes for human sizes since Kitagawa’s persistence has motivated him.