How to Launch Successful Apps in 2019?

How to Launch Successful Apps in 2019?

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As they say, every application that you can find in the app store came from an idea. But, for the idea to become amazing, it has to be feasible first and foremost and it has to come into fruition by creating the actual app. That being said, an app building company follows a process to create an application, but how can you do so in a way that will result in the development of a successful application? Well, it all starts with the ‘discovery’.


The first stage of the process is where everything begins. This is where you will create the foundation that your developers will follow. The first part is the sketching. In some companies, they create what is known as a Lean Canvas and it provides the developers with information about the application- its strengths, features, weakness, as well as advantages and disadvantages. The next thing would be to conduct your research. You have to know what the customers want in an application for it to be successful.

It would be much more feasible for the company to target a certain demographic before branching out. Find out about what they like and other information that could help shape up the application the way it should be for it to be successful. After which, you will create what is known as a low-fidelity prototype which is just a visual representation of the application.


The next stage of the process is idea validation. In this part of the development process, you will conduct research about your competitors. What features of their app do people really love? What features do they hate? It would also be a good idea to look at the review section of the application to get some firsthand responses of what they truly like and what they really dislike about your competitor’s application. Also, it would help you to conduct a Google search to field all of the responses so that your team will be able to come up with a list of features that are not only feasible, but also the ones that your users are most likely going to love as well.

User Experience

The third step involves focusing on the overall user experience. This is where the design, as well as the features, are incorporated into the app. This is also the part where you create high-fidelity prototypes which come replete with the things I’ve just mentioned.

Design and Development

The last stage is where you will finally think about creating the final iteration of the application. You will focus both on the front-end and the back-end processes of the app. The front-end will mostly be the ones that your users will end up seeing. Think about visual design and the actual user interface. Always go for a more minimalistic design so that all of your important features will be put front and center.The back-end basically involves all of the coding and the things that your users will not see, but is still part of the process as it creates the foundation of the app.

After dealing with those things, you will need the application to undergo a testing phase (both alpha and beta) to ensure that any bug that is found will be ironed out and fixed before the application’s release. Once all of those things are done, your application is now ready for deployment. Do keep in mind that your job is not finished when this happens as you may have to implement new features, as well as fix any bugs that may come up during your user’s time when fiddling with the app.