How to Boost Your Facebook Post

How to Boost Your Facebook Post

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1. Choose your objective.

This objective is important because Facebook optimizes ad results based on your chosen objective. Whatever your objective is, Facebook will show your ad to those people who are most likely to satisfy that objective.

2. Integrate engaging call-to-action buttons.

The wording of your call-to-action button is highly important. Basically, when someone clicks this button, they would be encouraged to execute a specific action. If you don’t know how to place CTAs strategically on your social pages, there are plenty of quality social marketing services in Malaysia that can help you.

3. Set a realistic budget.

It’s okay to start small. In Facebook, you can boost your content for as low as $3 each day. Then, you can always boost that same exact post in the future, if you want it to be seen by more people. See? Facebook boosting is really the way to go for small business owners.

4. Audience Network

You will also be given the choice to run your Facebook ad in the Audience Network. These are external websites that the Facebook platform has partnered with.

Quick Tips in Creating a Boosted Post

  • Include an attractive photo in your post. It should stand out without being flashy.
  • If appropriate, utilize proper branding.
  • Utilize digital storytelling. In order to tell a much better story, you need to vary your Facebook posts a bit.
  • Combine your special offers with your boosted posts.