How Much Does a New Website Cost?

How Much Does a New Website Cost?

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The cost of a new website design is influenced by factors such as project size, time required, and desired design. While crowdsourcing or employing freelancers might help cut expenses, they can also result in inefficiencies or poor quality. So set a budget and hire the correct agency.


A medium-complexity website might cost anything from $6000 to $10000. The more complex your site, the higher the cost. For a website that accurately represents your business or items, you must pay extra. You can also employ a copywriter, although it is not essential.


Web designers usually charge by the hour, ranging from $30 to $180. A basic website might cost $6000-8000. However, a complex website will require a large budget and a web designer will charge between $100 and $180 per hour. The price varies depending on the number of pages, but it is usually between $6,000 and $10,000. It will take between 120 and 160 hours to develop a simple website.


If you plan to make modifications to your site, consider a maintenance membership. These bundles cover both software and security. After it’s created, you’ll be in charge of updating it and keeping it safe. Squarespace, for example, offers free website templates. The complexity of the job determines the cost.


A unique website for your business. A designer must draw each web page, including the logo and colours. Depending on your site’s sophistication, you may need animations or illustrations. Then the web designer will build you a website skeleton. The skeleton is in charge of maintaining the website’s navigation. A UI design service takes 2 to 3 hours every subordinate web page.

For a few hundred dollars each month, a DIY website builder can replace a custom-built website. If you don’t need a custom site, you may find lots of free themes online. A DIY website builder costs $50-$13 each month, whereas a professional website builder costs $200. A custom-built website takes time and work, but it pays off in the long term.


An animated website might cost anywhere from $65 to $1,200. The complexity of the animation determines the service fee, therefore discuss it with the web designer before making a selection. Consider your website’s target demographic. If you want maximum traffic, don’t settle for an ugly or dull website. A good website should also appeal to your target market.


An agency like website design Malaysia can assist you to plan your website’s sitemap architecture. They can be a great help here. They can utilise their knowledge and experience to analyse your current website’s structure and propose the best way to include it. Hiring a freelancer with a solid portfolio is a possibility. Hire a designer who can work within your budget.


Many small business owners lack web design expertise and hire a professional to construct their website. This could tarnish their company’s image, and thus their consumers. Thankfully, there are options to help you create a stunning website. Easy site launches in a day with planning and creativity.