How Do You Transfer Your Domain Name?

How Do You Transfer Your Domain Name?

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If you own a website, you have definitely registered for a domain name before. That is because your domain name serves as your address online and anyone that wants to
access your website has to input your domain to do so.

That being said, a web hosting company might provide you with your own domain, but the most common thing to do to register your domain name is to go to a domain registrar.

Assuming that you’ve registered your domain from a web host, how can you transfer to another domain?

This article will serve as your guide to do just that. Do follow the steps outlined here so that everything you will have a seamless transition.

Preparing for the Transfer

Before anything else, you have to prepare everything first before you initiate the transfer. The first thing that you will have to do would be to login to your existing domain account and make sure that the steps for unlocking it are done. Usually, you will just have to refer to your domain’s FAQ as it is usually outlined there.

Keep in mind that most domain registrars do not allow you to move abruptly. Your website’s domain should be registered for at least 60 days or more before you can initiate the transfer procedure.

After your domain is unlocked, all you have to do is notify the registrar that you want to transfer domains and they should kickstart the process from there.

Initiating the Transfer

Once you’ve unlocked your domain, you will be given an EPP transfer code that you should use to transfer to a new domain.

The transfer code is just a means to validate that you were from a different domain and you want to transfer to a new one.

Once that you’ve migrated to your new domain, you may have to pay additional fees depending on your chosen platform, though there are some companies that offer this for free once you sign up to them.

Verifying the Transfer

Go to WHOIS information to see if the domain transfer was successful. It should be finished within 48 hours. You should expect two emails; one will be coming from your

old registrar confirming that they’ve started the process and the other one is from your new domain telling you that the transfer is complete.

In the event or for some reason that you are thinking of canceling the transfer process, send an email immediately to your hosting company so that you can cut the process entirely. Do keep in mind that if you have already paid for the service, you may not get a refund.

Completing the Transfer

Once 48 hours have passed and you’ve received the two emails I’ve mentioned earlier, go to WHOIS information and type your domain. You should be able to see your domain from the list which signifies that the domain transfer has been completed. You can now enjoy your new domain!