Choosing the Right Band for your Watch:

Choosing the Right Band for your Watch:

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Dive watches

Rubber watch straps are waterproof, durable, easy to clean and comes in various colors. Leather looks good on dive watches, if there is no water resistance feature. Nylon NATO straps add a layer of security if a spring bar breaks, and are waterproof. Metal bracelets are waterproof and versatile. Keep in mind that thicker straps with quality, full stitching would look good with dive timepieces.


Usually, water resistance matters very little with chronographs. Thus, leather watch straps are great starting points. When choosing your watch strap, consider the watch dial’s complexity. The busier the dial is, the more basic you would want the strap to be, from the stitching, color variance or texture.

When a pairing your chronograph watch with nylon, it’s best to go for solid colors, or a single accent color that perfectly matches the watch dial.

Dress and Minimalist Watches

Are you thinking of buying a minimalist casual watch in Malaysia? In the realm of dress and minimalist watches, exotic animal skins are considered traditional. If you want wear a minimalist or dress timepiece in a casual event, you can use the strap to add a bit of flair.

Pilot and Field Watch

Nylon and canvas straps perfectly match the watch’s utility, but leather bands can also work equally on this aspect. These types of watches tend to be a highly legible and clean, giving more room to wild straps.

What watch strap colors do you recommend?

After reading this article, check your wardrobe to see the colors of your clothes. We all tend to gravitate towards a specific color palette, so assessing your wardrobe is the first ever step in matching and mixing colors.

Monochrome, grey and black wardrobe: Stick to grey and black straps, and then add a bit of color. Any color will do. Cool-tone and blue wardrobe: Medium brown and light brown are the safest bets. You can also match it with navys. Grey would always look amazing.

Warm-tone and red wardrobes: If you have tons of red and warm-tone colors, black and medium to dark brown are the best watch strap colors to choose from. Orange and yellow are analogous. Blue, green and purple are complimentary.