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Fun Ideas You Can Try to Kill That Boredom

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During this pandemic, you’re probably still having a hard time adjusting to the new normal. Back then, you were free going anywhere you wanted. But now, you really can’t do that. There’s restriction all over the place. Spending time at home can be stressful when you don’t have anything to do to entertain yourself. During this time, you probably are struggling thinking what to do next with all the time you’re currently spending at home. Well, don’t worry because we have some ideas that you can use to kill that boredom going on. Guaranteed, with these ideas, you’ll be looking forward to the next waking up day you get having to spend your time at the comforts of your own home. Read through the whole article to learn what these are. 


Now the first thing you can do is to try to discover or rediscover some skills. This is your time to focus on that. Remember those days where there are things you want to learn, such as learning how to cook a certain dish, or speak a certain language, but you never got the chance to because you’re always out and working? Well, this is the time to do that. You’ll definitely have an amazing time discovering all of that.


Then another thing you can do is to try and meditate, do yoga, read books. This would also be a perfect time for you to relax. You can get rid of the stress from the outside world. You focus on your health, plan your meals, exercise, and just get that fit body you’ve always wanted.


But, if you want something more fun, then you should probably try an online casino. Online casinos are such an amazing way to spice up your life. You can get a thrill and adrenaline rush even if it’s online. And how cool is that, that you can easily access it anytime you want, even if you’re in your own bed. You no longer have to go out, travel, put on some makeup and nice jewelry to just go out. You can literally be in your pajamas and can still enjoy casino games.


It’s a lot more beneficial if it’s online because through online, your identity is protected. You don’t have to worry about getting in a fight with your opponents. The things you see in movies on how intense other people can be when it comes to casinos, and it gets all chaotic? You don’t have to worry about that. You are safe in your own little bubble.

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eCommerce Web Design: A 10-Point Checklist to Create the Best eCommerce Site

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[#1] Ensure your website is responsive

This is critical when it comes to designing your eCommerce site. With more devices being able to connect to the internet than at any other time, you would prefer not to have an eCommerce site that doesn’t take a shot at a smartphone or tablet. Figures show that 62 percent of smartphone users made a purchase through their smartphone.

In addition, you’ll have no hope of succeeding with an omnichannel malaysia-which-one-should-you-choose/ strategy if your website looks
like refuse on mobile devices.

[#2] The truck symbol must be available on every page

Well-designed eCommerce sites have their basket or truck symbols clearly visible in the upper right corner of every page. In the event that your customer has added items to the basket, it will show what number of items are in the basket.

Stanley, a nourishment and drink container retailer, goes a step further with their eCommerce web design, which shows a truck preview when customers hover over the truck symbol.

[#3] The checkout button should consistently be clearly visible

The checkout button is ordinarily found next to the basket symbol. Some eCommerce sites have their basket symbol lead directly to the truck page, as you can in the Amazon example below.

[#4] Have a prominent search bar on every page

In the event that you take a glance at any eCommerce website, they will have a search bar located at the highest point of every page. A comprehensive search work enables users to discover an item on your list.

In the event that you are able to provide suggestive search terms while your customer types in the search bar, that is even better.

[#5] Clear route menus

Having a clear route menu helps to identify the different types of item categories your website sells to your customer. It is significant that you use general terms to segment your item items.

For example, a design brand will differentiate its item range by “Men,” “Women,” and “Children.”

[#6] Contact data on every page

Having contact data on every page reduces buyer anxiety. It gives customers added reassurance that they’re able to get in touch with you should they have any queries.

[#7] Maintain consumer confidence

With cyber-security being a significant concern for online shoppers, ensure every page has connections to the accompanying pages:
• Customer Testimonials
• Why Shop With Us
• Privacy Policy
• Delivery Information
• Return Policy
You can get connected to these pages inside your site footer to keep things looking clean. Here’s an example from Nine Line Apparel:

[#8] Show logos

In the event that your eCommerce sells large brand names, be sure to include their logo wherever possible. Having logos of huge brands gives the customer a sign of what type of item you sell — furthermore, it adds some authenticity and prestige to your image for being affiliated with industry leaders. Here’s an example of how Best Buy utilizes logos on their site:

E commerce Homepage Web Design Checklist, your home is generally the principal page your customers see. What’s more, numerous successful eCommerce brands see their homepage as the initial step of a customer journey. Try not to make your home page an item posting page, use it to create an appeal.

[#9] Prominent invitations to take action

Encourage your guests to explore the site. In the event that you are running a sale or an advancement on a selection of items, be sure to have this on the home page and include a source of inspiration like “See Our Latest Deals” and include a connect to an item posting of all
items that are included in the sale.

Other examples of call to activities include “See our range of birthday ideas.” Your prominent call to activities must be relevant to the item you sell.

[#10] Have emotionally appealing photography

Photography is very significant when it comes to selling best online ecommerce platforms. We strongly recommend (if possible) that you invest in professional lifestyle photography to outwardly (and emotionally) capture the moment where your items are being used.

Design eCommerce sites, like Reformation, have successfully used their lifestyle photography investment to capture moments of people wearing their items.