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Is It Worth It to Buy a Heart Rate Monitor?

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If you are thinking about getting a casual watch, I would turn your attention towards purchasing smartwatches instead.

Sure, they may not be as stylish as your automatic watch, but they are actually quite useful since they provide a lot of features; one of which is heart rate monitoring.

The ability to be able to know your heart rate in real-time provides a lot of different useful applications; from providing you with useful data to allowing you to know your current fitness levels, among many other things.

Sure, smartwatches come equipped with heart rate monitoring capabilities, but is it necessary to actually buy a ‘true’ heart rate monitor? What I mean is purchasing a chest strap HRM that provides more accurate data than your conventional smartwatch.

Well, in this article, we will explore if there is a reason to buy the more expensive thing or if you can safely just stick to your smartwatch.

What Rumors Say About Heart Rate Monitors

Athletes, coaches, and personal trainers all swear by the use of heart rate monitors. In fact, there are some professional sports teams that would spend money on buying one to ensure that everyone’s heart rates are being monitored constantly. But, is there really a reason to use one?

According to the American Heart Association, although more bonafide heart rate monitors are useful tools, they are actually not needed. The heart rate monitoring functionality that is built into a smartwatch is, in most cases, already substantial.

What Experts Say About the Matter

If you ask running coach, Matt Fitzgerald about the use of heart rate monitors, he will say that although they are useful, they are also not necessary at all.

Fitzgerald is a renowned running coach and has helped a lot of marathon runners win championships and awards. That being said, it is without a doubt that heart rate monitors are useful, but if your sole purpose of getting one is to help your athletes do better, it doesn’t really do that.

If anything, it will provide meaningful data that will allow the coach or personal trainer to fine-tune their programs for their athletes that will give them the most benefit. But, for the most part, it is highly unnecessary and is considered just a wasteful expense.

Registered dietitian, Karolina Starczak, said that heart rate monitors are useful in telling people the level of their exertion when it comes to exercise. Generally, you want to push yourself to achieve 70% of your maximum heart rate and HRMs can provide you with that information.

Although the ones that are found on smartwatches are not as accurate as chest HRMs, they are, for the most part, adequate enough for one to reach their own fitness goals.

In conclusion, although bonafide heart rate monitors are great in providing more accurate information about your heart, they are highly unnecessary and is just considered a wasteful expense. Of course, the narrative changes if you are using such a tool to monitor your heart condition, especially if you are suffering from a disease.

How to Take Care of Your Watch Properly: 6 Tips

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1. Never test the watch to its limits.

Some watch owners put their timepieces inside the freezer, trying to check how long it would last. Keep in mind that a watch is an intricate machine. Despite very high survival rates, this completely makes sense. The shock protection mechanisms installed in modern watches may be reliable, but they still don’t give perfect protection from all angles.

2. Change watch straps carefully.

Avoid scratches by changing the watch straps carefully. You can damage the wag lugs just by changing the watch strap. To learn how to change the strap properly, allow someone to teach you personally, or watch a thorough instructional video online. But, the best advice one can give you here is to take it a professional.

3. Prioritize watch servicing.

A quality mechanical watch should be serviced regularly. Watch servicing can be expensive, but it actually costs the watch brand more. There are tons of reasons for it, including the need to
maintain thousands of watch. For a thorough service, a timepiece needs to be completely disassembled and reassembled. The reassembling part on a new timepiece is more challenging, since its parts have worn, and no longer fits it well.

4. Don’t clean it with soap.

Looking for women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia can be difficult. Therefore, once you get hold of the perfect watch, you must learn how to take care of it properly. One of the most important things you should focus on is cleaning part. Sometimes, small debris and particles will work its way inside the watch’s mechanism, but don’t clean it with soap and water. A bit of water and a small cloth won’t hurt, though. Soap molecules can work its way into the watch’s small spaces.

5. Enjoy wearing your watch.

A watch, no matter how expensive or cheap, should be enjoyed. Don’t lock it inside the safe for a long period of time. Do you know that wearing it can help it function well? It allows the timepiece to stay wound, for its lubricants to work properly.

6. Keep the watch wound.

Modern watch lubricants are long-lasting, but they surely wouldn’t last over time. A watch that is appropriately lubricated would last longer and better. By winding it, you can help your timepiece spread its lubricants, and work properly.

Choosing the Best Wrist Watch

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Selecting a new watch must not be a complex task. You just need to follow your own style and preferences in picking the perfect timepiece! Are you thinking of getting a sports watch or mechanical watch in Malaysia? In this article are some important indications that you can keep in mind each time you go watch shopping.

1. Budget

You don’t need to spend a big amount of money to buy a watch. Sure, we all want to buy a Patek Philippe or Rolex watch, but there are also plenty of other brands that offer quality and sophistication at an affordable price.

Casio is a reputable brand that offers a vast range of designs and models. If you are in the market for a sports watch, consider this brand. Michael Kors and Hugo Boss are also renowned brands that you can check for that elegant timepiece that you would love to wear every day.

2. Personality and Character

Each one of us is different. We also have different preferences and requirements when it comes to watches. One thing you need to remember when buying watches is that every timepiece is a part of every outfit. Think about the way you dress, as well as your current accessories. The watch you are going to buy must be a perfect representation of your character and personality.

3. Fashion Trends

Do you want to have a watch that follows the latest fashion trends? Look into Nixon, Diesel, Guess, Calypso or Hugo Boss. Some people would say that investing on trendy watches are not good, but it is still a good investment that you would love to look at as the years progress.

4. Watch Band and Strap

In choosing a watch strap and band, pay attention to your own skin tone. Look in front of the mirror, and check how well your clothes complement your overall appearance. You need to make the watch a part of that amazing look. Make sure that the strap you are going to choose perfectly complements your skin tone and style.

Your Simple Guide to Buying a Men’s Watch

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Because of the many different watches that you can find on the market, a person might find it hard to choose a men’s watch for themselves. Fortunately for you, you happen to stumble upon an article that will help guide you to the right path.

Today, I am going to be giving you a simple guide to buying a men’s watch so that you do not have to search for this kind of information anywhere on the internet. Without further ado, let’s get on with the article, shall we?

Why Do You Want One?

When you are going to buy a watch, you need to ask this all-important question: Why do you want one?

You see, there is a watch for certain scenarios and although there are some that you can wear no matter what event you’re going to, there are some that are only quite good in certain use-cases.

For instance, if you are a businessman, you would want to go for more elegant watches as opposed to those that are fit for rugged lifestyles.

Should You Go Old School or Digital?

An analog watch is basically the ‘old-school’ design where you see different watch hands that tell you the hour, minutes, and seconds. This is great for people who frequently go to more formal events as analog watch types are the preferred option for such occasions.

Conversely, a digital watch is great if you are doing something that will require data. There is a reason why smartwatches have digital displays in that it helps give you some important information such as how many steps you took during the day, your sleeping patterns, your blood pressure, and a host of other important metrics.

Which Strap Should You Go for?

There are two things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the watch’s strap: comfort and occasion. Ideally, you want to choose a watch strap that is going to be comfortable for you. You may have to try out different straps before you can decide which one you should pick.

Another thing to think about is the occasion. What types of events are you going to use the watch for? For formal events, you can either choose a leather strap or a metallic wrist band. Both of them are perfect for such an occasion, though you can choose one that suits your style the most.

Rubber or resin straps are ideal for people who use digital watches or those that live a more outdoor or rugged lifestyle. That is because the material itself is resistant to sweat and other earthly elements.

Watch Movement

I am going to rule out mechanical watches out of this equation because one, they are quite expensive and two, they are cumbersome to use, realistically speaking.

That being said, automatic watches are great for people that do not want to think about changing batteries every so often. That is because it uses a self-winding rotor that will help keep the watch powered, so long as you are wearing the watch consistently. Such watches are characterized by their smooth sweeping movements.

A Quartz watch, on the other hand, is characterized by that familiar “tick-tock” sound where you can see its second hand do staggered movements as opposed to a smooth sweeping motion. It uses a battery to keep it powered up and may last up to three years depending on the battery that was used, as well as the watch’s complications (if there are any).

Choosing the Right Band for your Watch:

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Dive watches

Rubber watch straps are waterproof, durable, easy to clean and comes in various colors. Leather looks good on dive watches, if there is no water resistance feature. Nylon NATO straps add a layer of security if a spring bar breaks, and are waterproof. Metal bracelets are waterproof and versatile. Keep in mind that thicker straps with quality, full stitching would look good with dive timepieces.


Usually, water resistance matters very little with chronographs. Thus, leather watch straps are great starting points. When choosing your watch strap, consider the watch dial’s complexity. The busier the dial is, the more basic you would want the strap to be, from the stitching, color variance or texture.

When a pairing your chronograph watch with nylon, it’s best to go for solid colors, or a single accent color that perfectly matches the watch dial.

Dress and Minimalist Watches

Are you thinking of buying a minimalist casual watch in Malaysia? In the realm of dress and minimalist watches, exotic animal skins are considered traditional. If you want wear a minimalist or dress timepiece in a casual event, you can use the strap to add a bit of flair.

Pilot and Field Watch

Nylon and canvas straps perfectly match the watch’s utility, but leather bands can also work equally on this aspect. These types of watches tend to be a highly legible and clean, giving more room to wild straps.

What watch strap colors do you recommend?

After reading this article, check your wardrobe to see the colors of your clothes. We all tend to gravitate towards a specific color palette, so assessing your wardrobe is the first ever step in matching and mixing colors.

Monochrome, grey and black wardrobe: Stick to grey and black straps, and then add a bit of color. Any color will do. Cool-tone and blue wardrobe: Medium brown and light brown are the safest bets. You can also match it with navys. Grey would always look amazing.

Warm-tone and red wardrobes: If you have tons of red and warm-tone colors, black and medium to dark brown are the best watch strap colors to choose from. Orange and yellow are analogous. Blue, green and purple are complimentary.

Foolproof Ways in Selecting a Watch for Men

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So, you’re thinking of buying your boyfriend a watch for his birthday but you do not have any knowledge about the perfect men’s watches. Do not worry because, in this article, I will give you some foolproof ways of choosing a watch for your guy.


There are so many different watch types out there but I am only going to narrow it down between two most popular ones. The first one is the quartz watch which is powered by a battery for its oscillatory movement.

Because quartz watches rely on a battery to help keep its mechanisms going, this is the more accurate timepiece than the other type which I am going to talk about next.

Automatic watches are watches that rely on a mainspring for its watch movement. But, instead of you manually winding the watch to make it work every day, it has a self- winding mechanism that does the winding on its own. The only thing that your boyfriend has to remember is that they should wear the watch every single day just to have this coiling feature run all the time.

You can never go wrong with either type, but keep in mind that because of the intricate mechanisms that run on automatic watches, they are more expensive than their quartz counterparts.


I am going to assume that you and your boyfriend are in a relationship for quite sometime now and you might already know what his hobbies are, as well as his personality. That being said, you also have to consider what he is going to use his watch for. Is he a more active individual or does he just go to casual events? Does he go to a lot of formal events?

You see, a watch is not merely just an accessory that helps tell the time; it can actually be a part of someone’s fashion statement as well.

So, if they are more of the hiking type, you may want to go for the more rugged watchesto suit his lifestyle.


Since you know your boyfriend so much now, you might already know his preference when it comes to style. Just like women, men do have a certain taste when it comes to different things; their watch included.

Look at the clothes that your boyfriend is wearing. What is his predominant style? From there, find watches that suit his style and go from there.


When buying a watch, do not rely solely on the price of the timepiece but rather its overall package. People instantly assume that the more expensive a thing is, that they are always assured of quality. This is actually not the case.

For instance, you can buy a really great Casio Edifice watch for less than $300 but you could be wasting your money on a $2000 watch that breaks so easily.

Do not worry as there is a vast wealth of information out there that will help you know ifa certain watch deserves your attention or not.

Can Men Wear Women’s Watches? (+ 5 Watches That Actually Work)

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Here is the arrangement: you found a watch that you truly like. It looks great, it is masculine, and you’re going to pull the trigger. 

Yet, at that point, it hits you: the advertising material (or more regrettable, the name of the watch) says it’s a ladies’ watch! So, what do you do? Would men be able to wear watches for women? What’s more, assuming this is the case, why and how? 

Indeed, men can wear ladies’ watches. This is on the grounds that numerous watches are advertised as unisex or ladies’ watches. 

However, despite everything they look manly and masculine, and you can’t differentiate with a normal men’s watch. You clearly would prefer not to wear ladies’ watches that don’t look manly, however. 

So, avoid whatever is excessively little (regardless of whether you have little wrists), excessively female or girly, or excessively blingy (with precious stones for instance). 

How to tell if a watch is for a man or a lady?

This is a dubious inquiry. 

A major, strong, sports watch with a manly look is certainly a men’s watch (regardless of whether a few ladies wear them also). Then again, watches that have a lot of jewels, fragile plans, a ton of cleaned surfaces or absolute look females are ladies’ watches. 

Yet, by what means can you really tell if a watch is for a man or lady if there’s nothing exceptional about the plan that can enable you to respond to the inquiry? 

Short answer: you can’t. What’s more, this is the reason the plan in itself is a higher priority than the promoting or advertising material you see at watch sellers. 

What are unisex watches?

Many watch structures are unisex. 

Unisex watches suit the two people with no differentiation. No one could ever see that you – as a man – have a unisex watch tied on your wrist. 

Since they are intended to look great on the two guys and females. They look manly on folks and they look ladylike on young ladies. That is the magnificence of their plans. 

Here a couple of unisex watches that would look great on people: 

This honest Seiko SNKL45 is littler, at 37 mm. Be that as it may, it suits men with littler wrists fine and dandy. 

You have that great style of a basic dress watch that has every one of the signals it should have: 

  •   an uncluttered dark dial 
  •   three basic hands 
  •   a careful day and a date window at 3 o’clock 
  •   straight hour records 
  •   a rose gold cases 
  •   and a dark-colored calfskin tie to complete the look 

It doesn’t get any increasingly great, tasteful and masculine than this. 

I would wear this current ladies’ watch each and every day of the week no issue. 

That is to say, what detail here is indicating that this piece is made for ladies alone? None! 

That dark croc tie (with dark join, tasteful, if it’s not too much trouble splendidly appears differently in relation to the somber, monochrome yet clear silver dial. The general uncluttered look of this watch is actually why it is so perceptible when seen from a far distance. 

The majority of this is accessible from Frederique Constant, which – in the event that you don’t as of now have a clue about the brand – has been becoming famous for as far back as a couple of years and is ascending in notoriety and worth. Get one preceding they become distant! 

Does this Rolex need any presentation?

Without a doubt, it’s not the Submariner, yet it’s as well known. The Datejust has been basically the go-to watch for anyone searching for extravagance yet straightforward timepiece with a great look that can match with each and every outfit you can toss at. 

It truly doesn’t beat this, as the Rolex Datejust could (should?) in all likelihood be your unparalleled watch. 

I’ve seen this watch in practically every variety accessible on Earth similarly on the wrists of ladies and men. It’s that flexible. 

As should be obvious, unisex watches will in general have: 

  •   a littler case sizes 
  •   understated case plans 
  •   simple and rich carries 
  •   plain dials, with just one shading 
  •   3 hands at most extreme, possibly with a date 
  •   leather groups or metal wrist trinkets that look incredible on the two people’s wrist and can oblige manly or female adornments 
  •   overall, less difficult and ageless structures 

Accordingly, they are the ideal ordinary watches and make for extraordinary endowments as well. You can’t turn out badly with a watch that is ageless, that you can wear for any event. 

For what reason do a few ladies’ watches resemble men’s watches?

Since they are, plain and basic! 

Presently, here is the explanation. In the course of the most recent couple of years, the enormous watch pattern has been developing. People wear greater watches than in past ages. 

Presently, would it be advisable for you to wear a watch that is huge, in light of the fact that you’re a man? Obviously not! You should wear a watch that has a size that is proportionate to your wrists.

But since of that pattern, the manner in which watch brands impart has changed. Any watch that is littler in size (anything 38mm and underneath), can be publicized as a ladies’ watch, regardless of whether it has a manly plan. 

In the event that they don’t, these brands run the hazard to have those watches not speak to men (as a result of their size) and ladies (since they have a manly look). 

The thing is: numerous ladies are accustomed to wearing men’s watches. Check the “beau watch” pattern and you will see with your own eyes. Men then again? Not really. 

In any case, you shouldn’t be frightened. Because a brand publicizes a specific model as a ladies’ watch doesn’t imply that it is for ladies just or that is has a female structure. Numerous ladies’ watches draw their plan rousing from men’s watches. 

What’s more, significantly more regularly than that, a few ladies’ watches are only men’s watches in littler case size and that is it.