Affiliate Marketing

A Blogger’s Guide to Make Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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1. Write a Review

Write an honest review of your web hosting provider. There is, in every case, some cons on every service.

Try not to hesitate to share the cons with your readers. It won’t decrease your sale, yet will increase your credibility. Try not to make your review as a special speech. What’s more, never write a review of the item that you didn’t use.

Here are some tips for writing a decent review.
• Share the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

• Give your rating for the service. You can use the Author hReview Plugin to do that.

• Use significant keywords like price, problem, review, correlation, etc. to drive traffic from search engines. (Ex: Hostgator Review)

• Use your affiliate to join.

• If you really like the service, give some solid reasons why you recommend it.

• And give your personal experience with the service like to what extent have you been utilizing this service. On the off chance that you’ve used more than one web has, then you may consider composing an examination between them. It will help your readers to pick the better one.

2. Write Tutorial Posts

Instructional exercise (How to) Posts is one of the most well-known types of content on the internet. Furthermore, they are very well known.

You can drive a great deal of traffic from the search engine by composing these types of posts. More traffic means more sales. On the off chance that your niche is related to blogging, WordPress, or web hosting, you can write some instructional exercise presents on generating a sale.

3. Promote Coupon Codes and Special Offers

This is the easiest approach to make money from Web Hosting Affiliate. Web Hosting companies offer rebate coupons to increase their sales.

Everyone likes limits. You can take this advantage by sharing the markdown coupon with your readers with blog entries or interpersonal interaction sites.

Interestingly, the web has like HostGator, DreamHost offers a custom coupon to their affiliates.For example, I’ve created a Hostgator custom coupon code “RTBHOSTING25”.

On the off chance that someone uses this coupon, S/he will get a 25% rebate on the purchase, and I will get a sale. It’s a success win circumstance. (Ex: Hostgator Coupon Code)

Another easy method to generate sales is advancing special offers. A large portion of the web hosting companies offers huge limits on special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

4. Free WordPress Installation Service

Numerous bloggers (even professional bloggers) offer free WordPress Installation Service in their blog. The idea is that they will set up a WordPress blog for you; in return, you’ll have to purchase web hosting from their recommended hosting with their affiliate connect.

You will get your blog set up for free, and they will earn a commission from hosting. It’s a success win deal.

In the event that you already possess a WordPress blog and ability to set up a WordPress blog, you can offer this service to your readers.

However, you can use other incentive offers to acquire sales. Also, make sure you are not abusing affiliate marketing terms and conditions.

5. Show Which Host You Are Using

On the off chance that your readers discover your site quickly, they might be interested to realize which have you are utilizing. So, it’s a smart thought to show your readers who are hosting your site.

You can use banner or put an affiliate interface on your blog’s footer to let your readers think about your hosting.

How Does an Affiliate Program Work?

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How does a company let the public know about the products that they are selling? Well, they do that by advertising, of course. Traditional advertising methods would have them either go to the popular TV or Radio stations and have their products be showcased from there.

Then, the internet became one of the most important things in our lives and so, companies are leveraging the medium to make use of online ads to help them advertise their goods.

The problem with the aforementioned forms of advertising is that they are basically one- off in that when you implement them, it is only a matter of time before it is overshadowed by others.

Aside from that, you could potentially be spending a lot of your advertising money and you will not get the results that you want.

So, how can a company advertise their products in the most cost-effective way? Well, businessmen should turn their attention to affiliate marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you look for content creators or someone who has a well-established audience base for help in promoting your products.

Advertising what you offer this way will actually yield more positive and long-lasting results simply because of the method that is used to advertise your products.

You see, unlike traditional forms of advertising, your affiliate marketers will create content that their audience will consume. In other words, they will promote your products through this medium.

As you can already tell, this is a surefire way to get the message across and allow people to know about you and your company, as well as what you offer.

Then, it is your affiliates’ job to entice their audience to buy whatever it is that you are offering and, in turn, you will pay them through commissions.That is basically how affiliate marketing works.

What is an Affiliate Program?

There are so many content creators out there, but those people with the biggest audiences should be the ones that you hire. However, it is not going to be easy to convince them to work with you.

You see, the affiliate marketing landscape is quite competitive and if you are not offering content creators something that will make them consider your offer, you are just going to waste your time.

Affiliate programs are basically what tells them about your entire advertising campaign. What products you’re selling, how they will get compensated, how much money they could potentially earn, among many different parameters.

An affiliate program is your hook; something that will help convince potential affiliates to join your cause.

Why It is Necessary

Affiliate programs are necessary for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • It helps you convince potential affiliates to join your ad campaign
  • It allows you to effectively manage your affiliates
  • It helps you track you and your affiliates’ progress
  • It can help streamline the entire process
  • It eliminates language barriers, especially since you are going to hire an affiliate
    manager that knows many languages
  • It makes use of contemporary methods of advertising, allowing you to get more
    for less.

How to Make Money Through Google AdSense

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Do you want to take your blogging strategy on a greater level?

Google AdSense is a platform you must explore, then. It is an advertising program allowing people to run ads on their own blogs, YouTube videos or websites. These ads are generated from companies that utilize Google’s AdWords programs.

The Pros and Cons to Making More Money Through Google AdSense


  • The Google AdSense program is free to join.
  • The eligibility requirements are not hard to provide, meaning you can monetize your blog or website even when it’s still new.
  • There are multiple of ad options You are free to customize the overall look, feel and vibe of your website.
  • Google will pay you monthly by direct deposit, once you meet the $100 threshold.
  • You are free to manage ads on many websites from a single AdSense account.
  • There are lots of options to run ads on RSS feeds and mobile devices.
  • You can add it conveniently on your Blogger and YouTube accounts.


  • When a person clicks on your AdSense ads, you can make some money. However, if this visitors leaves your web page, then you would still lose opportunities to more money through your own offerings, or earn commissions through affiliate products. If you want to offer more affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia, then you better improve your strategy.
  • It doesn’t really pay more compared to other similar programs.
  • Google will decide if it wants to terminate your AdSense account. That can be done in an instant. Clearly, they are not very forgiving when it comes to breaking the rules.
  • Traffic takes time to generate. In order to earn more through AdSense, you need lots of traffic.

Google AdSense is an amazing monetization tool, though you still need to work hard to experience all the amazing benefits and advantages. Remember, Google has plenty of rules that you can’t afford to overlook. Be aware of this, if you can’t afford to lose your account forever.