5 Things to Know When Considering an Architecture Career

5 Things to Know When Considering an Architecture Career

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Do you think architecture is the right profession for you? Below are some questions that you should ask yourself to come up with a good decision.

1. “What are those key indicators that you love architecture?”

What core interests and internal drives would fuel the motivation of an individual? Are you passionate and motivated in pursuing an architecture career? Do you love organizing elements across multiple scales? A combination of pleasure in developing real structures, and conceptual creativity is crucial in enjoying the products and processes in the architecture field. Architects are good problem solvers, and are invested in improving the lives of others.

2. What type of work is done in the field of architecture.

Every good building rests on good communication between users, consultants, stakeholders, clients and designers. Architecture involves a lot of team work. Professionals in this field work hand in hand in a team. It is not a solo sport. For designers and practitioners in top architecture firms in Malaysia, functioning in a collaborative environment is crucial to success.

3. “What are the things you can do with an architecture degree?”

Leaning the ins and outs of architecture is a gateway to many work options, from the traditional sense of practicing like designing a house to newer applications such as designing video games. More career pathways include graphic design, urban planning, real estate, construction and freelance design.

4. “What type of technical skills do you need to have to become a good architect?”

Architecture is composed of different programs that allow an architect to create technical plans, models and renderings. The field is rapidly changing and growing, so professionals must be able to keep up with it. It’s also important to be knowledgeable on tools such as Trimble Sketchup.

5. “What can you get from architecture?”

Architecture is more than just creating buildings and earning a salary. It is the perfect career for individuals who are passionate about their job.