10 Bad Habits that Can Lower a Man’s Libido

10 Bad Habits that Can Lower a Man’s Libido

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Libido or a person’s sex drive can be influenced by a lot of things. Although libido is unique to a person, bad habits can certainly have a negative impact on a man’s sex drive.

Sure, you can take libido-boosting supplements or eat healthy and nutritious foods, but it will all be for naught if you continually do the bad habits that I am going to discuss further in this article.

Working Too Much

I know that men pride themselves with their achievements and because of this, a lot of them work long hours. Heck, they even work when they’re already at home!

Working too much can cause stress and stress is known to lower a man’s sex drive. If you are going to work hard, leave it at the office and de-stress at home.

Not Having Enough Zinc

Among the many minerals a man’s body needs, zinc is one of the most important.

Studies have shown that deficiency in this mineral can lead to lower energy levels and a loss of desire for sex.

Do not forget to eat foods that are rich in Zinc, such as nuts, beef, spinach, oysters. If that is not possible in your diet, take zinc supplements instead.

Not Basking in the Sun’s Rays

Less or no exposure to the sun can hinder Vitamin D production in your body. Studies have found that men who are low on Vitamin D tend to have lower T levels than those who are basking in the sun’s rays.

Long Exercise Routines

Exercise is needed by the body to function, but too much of it can be harmful to your libido. In a study that was published by the University of North Carolina, men who spend
hours and hours in the gym have lower libidos compared to men who exercise for less than an hour.

Staying Up Late

Men who consistently do not get enough sleep at night will have reduced sexual satisfaction than their well-rested peers. Sleep apnea can also result in sexual dissatisfaction as well.

Porn Binging

Watching too much porn can actually lead to a lower desire for sex, especially when a man watches and masturbates more than three times a day.

Not Eating Fish

Fatty fish like tuna and salmon are loaded with Omega-3 Fatty acids which improve both brain and heart health. Aside from giving you better overall health, low omega-3 levels in the body can lead to testosterone deficiencies, which will result in a huge decrease in libido.

Thinking About Their Ex

People can move on at different times and if a man constantly thinks about his ex, that may lead to a loss of desire for sex to their current partner.

Eating a Lot of Junk Food

Junk foods contain phthalates which are chemicals that have a negative effect on a man’s hormone levels. As much as possible, stay away from fatty, salty, and junk foods.

Not Taking His Mental Health Seriously

Because society portrays a man as a rock or a fortress, men think that they should not be vulnerable or sensitive. That is why most men do not take their mental health seriously.

Anxiety and depression are known to curb or suppress libido so if you think you are suffering from these conditions, be sure to consult a therapist right away.