Cleaner environment, better life.

Waste management is an important task as it the only barrier keeps the environment, and people healthy.

Care For The Environment

Waste management will help cycle of life to be more efficient, hence improving our life and health.

Healthier Live

A better live with cleaner environment and life through a proper waste management.

Recycling Life

We collect, salvage recyclable items to be reused again in order to help reduce waste.

We strive to create a better and cleaner environment.

Using latest technology to help us make waste management more efficient. An efficient waste management system equals a better life quality for people and the world.

We Are Constantly Thinking

coming up with new ways that will help make waste management more efficient and cleaner result.

We do water treatment to ensure the water we all drink safe for consumption.


We collect and recycle items from waste site to be reuse again for the same or different purpose.


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5 Things to Know When Considering an Architecture Career

Do you think architecture is the right profession for you? Below are some questions that you should ask yourself to come up with a good decision.

1. “What are those key indicators that you love architecture?”

What core interests and internal drives would fuel the motivation of an individual? Are you passionate and motivated in pursuing an architecture career? Do you love organizing elements across multiple scales? A combination of pleasure in developing real structures, and conceptual creativity is crucial in enjoying the products and processes in the architecture field. Architects are good problem solvers, and are invested in improving the lives of others.

2. What type of work is done in the field of architecture.

Every good building rests on good communication between users, consultants, stakeholders, clients and designers. Architecture involves a lot of team work. Professionals in this field work hand in hand in a team. It is not a solo sport. For designers and practitioners in top architecture firms in Malaysia, functioning in a collaborative environment is crucial to success.

3. “What are the things you can do with an architecture degree?”

Leaning the ins and outs of architecture is a gateway to many work options, from the traditional sense of practicing like designing a house to newer applications such as designing video games. More career pathways include graphic design, urban planning, real estate, construction and freelance design.

4. “What type of technical skills do you need to have to become a good architect?”

Architecture is composed of different programs that allow an architect to create technical plans, models and renderings. The field is rapidly changing and growing, so professionals must be able to keep up with it. It’s also important to be knowledgeable on tools such as Trimble Sketchup.

5. “What can you get from architecture?”

Architecture is more than just creating buildings and earning a salary. It is the perfect career for individuals who are passionate about their job.

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Kuala Lumpur’s Top Three (3) Best Hotels to Stay In

Numerous guests are heading to Malaysia for vacation, shopping, and culture – or even when looking for a KL Girl Escort in Malaysia for services. Whether it’s for the travel industry or business, an agreeable and tasteful spot to remain is basic. Hotel where they can suit any degree of solace and style.

Mandarin Oriental KL

The Mandarin offers those making a trip to Kuala Lumpur a definitive sumptuous experience. Situated in KLCC next the strip mall and city park, this five-star hotel joins an exceptionally customized touch with unlimited conveniences and offices. Arriving at a height of 30 stories and having an assortment of rooms alongside five cafés, perspectives on Petronas Towers, two on location dance club, a wellness focus and vastness pool – considered as one of the best hotels to stay in Kuala Lumpur.

The Majestic Hotel KL

The Majestic Hotel is probably the best hotel in Kuala Lumpur for its setting inside a notable 1930s pioneer building and reputation for giving high-class convenience. Once facilitating fabulous get-togethers in pre-War Malaya and now cooking towards a customer base with elevated expectations, the Majestic Hotel is truly outstanding. With a sum of 253 rooms and 47 lavish suites alongside a 24-hour steward administration, visitors feel a quality of frontier sentimentality inside this recorded and extravagant hotel.

Traders Hotel

Shangri-La’s Traders Hotel meets the meaning of extravagance in Kuala Lumpur. Not exclusively are altogether rooms fitted with floor-to-roof windows giving perspectives on the city’s horizon, however the five-star hotel has plenty of offices and pleasantries. From unwinding in the spa or hot tub to feasting and appreciating a beverage at the Skybar, the Traders Hotel gives a world-class involvement. Aside from the solace, this is additionally probably the best inn in Kuala Lumpur for its area. Venture outside the anteroom and visitors are inside a couple of minutes from the capital’s top attractions, for example, Petronas Towers, KLCC and the shopping districts.

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Free Web Hosting Services

Free Web Hosting Services

You may get a kick out of the chance to set up a website however would prefer not to go to the fees of forking out money consistently for a server hosting an account. Fortunately, there is the other way of getting free best web hosting as these site hosting provider will, in general profit from promoting. The drawback to having a free hosting account is that it is restricted on practically every level. You can hope to have adverts on the top, base, and sides of the pages you have your substance on which may not be a decent choice for some individuals but rather if this is your first time constructing a site it’s a proper method to practice.

If you have a decent comprehension of structure sites and driving traffic, at that point, you certainly need to investigate getting a paid record since you’ll be better off over the long haul.

Another enormous contrast between having your very own hosting account and having a free web hosting account is that you will have your very own space as opposed to having a sub-area. For those that don’t have the foggiest idea what a sub-area is the ideal approach to depict it is by indicating you outwardly so an area would resemble this ( whereas a subspace would resemble this – ( So basically when you have a sub-area it’s similar to parceling the hard drive. A few organizations use subspaces to isolate the site into various offices, for example, and

On the off chance that you intend to utilize WordPress for your website, you won’t almost certainly employ a free web hosting account since they don’t offer databases which are essential for substance the executive’s frameworks. Many destinations need databases for dynamic pages which utilized on sites that sell heaps of items. To give a model, a guest goes to the site and uses the route bar to discover the classification they need, at that point a rundown of items show up, and the guest at that point adds a thing to the shopping basket and continues to complete the buy.

Aside from not having any databases, there aren’t any current shopping basket programs either, so an E-business webpage on a free web server promoting stage is virtually unimaginable. You additionally don’t get huge numbers of the free programming establishments offered on even the most essential of paid server hosting accounts.

Another drawback is the absence of email accounts as most free web hosting service permits one email for every record which might be all you need however different alternatives, for example, email sending and automated assistants aren’t accessible.

Going off every one of the drawbacks to having a free server hosting account for what reason would anybody utilize an open web hosting service, you may ask however it has its favorable circumstances — the first bit of leeway to this kind of record is cost. You can’t beat free, particularly when you are merely beginning online. If you plan on running any tests utilizing a free account will again set aside any you cash since you’ll have the option to see whether a site thought is reasonable before you spend any money purchasing a space and pay server hosting. I can’t check the number of ideas I’ve had for sites and have quickly gone out and bought space to wind up, dropping the thought as a bombed undertaking after a specific period.


Lately, it’s not just free server hosting sites that offer web space to no end as webpage building sites have additionally willingly volunteered to receive a comparative model aside from the adaptation. The webpage building sites profit when you choose to utilize their website developer all alone space, and some offer paid hosting service also.

If I were actually to pick a free hosting arrangement today, I would most likely settle on the site developer as they do offer significantly more choices and some even provide income conspires through Google AdSense which is decent. The other preferred position to utilizing one of these developers is that you can generally have your site without anyone else area sometime in the not too distant future, which is an unmistakable favorable position.

There is likewise one other decision, and that is to construct a website on a web 2.0 stage like Hubpages or Squidoo which appear to be the absolute most prevalent destinations. You can include a wide range of modules including video, music, composed substance, income modules, and an entire scope of different modules you can add to your pages.

It is elegant and dandy; however, the drawback to building your online business with this stage is the way that you are constrained again to what is accessible. You can’t merely transfer different programming projects or use whatever needs a database to work. The other disadvantage is that you placed your entire future in the hands of the web 2.0 proprietor. They may choose to change a part of the site which influences you, and there is nothing you can do about it. They may shut down by and significant for reasons unknown leaving you without a friend in the world with all the substance lost.

These issues from multiple points of view feature the reasons why picking a website building stage like Blinkweb is the best alternative since you can in any event advance on to utilizing your own space and hosting consistently.

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How to Find Your Niche Quickly?

When creating a blog, you need to be focusing on a niche before you start anything else. That is because your content strategy and the way you will design your blog should be in-line with what your target audience likes.

Finding your niche is very important because it allows you to know which topics you need to write about, as well as making sure that the marketing of your blog will be strategized according to your target audience.

But, how exactly do you find your niche? Read on to find out.

Find Your Niche Using Keywords

You may have already heard about search engine optimization, right? Well, you can find your niche quickly by using an external keyword research tool. There are many of them out there, but if you want a free solution that does the job well, I suggest that you use Google’s External Keyword Tool

Using this tool, you will get to know both global and local search volumes for particular keywords. You will also be given some related keywords that you can use as well.

You want to find a niche that has at least 1000 global searches a month. After all, you want to market your blog to as many people as possible, right? The higher the search volume, the better the niche will be.

Just keep in mind that you will also go against stiff competition, which is why you need to create a good content strategy that trumps whatever it is that your competitors are doing.

Check Out Keyword Competitiveness

Once you have found some suitable keywords that you can use for your niche market, you can also test how competitive the niche is. You can do this by just using Google’s search engine and then typing your chosen keywords.

The more pages that you see on the overall search results (which should be seen at the top of the page), you will find out how competitive the keywords are. You may also look at your PPC competition as well.

Determine Whether You Should Go or Say No

Let’s say that you have chosen the keywords “how to make a kiteboard?” After using the search term, you find that there are over 96,000 pages that talk about that particular query. But, I encourage you to refresh the page a couple of times and notice if the PPC ad changes. If it doesn’t and it stays relatively the same, then that means that your real competition is not as high as you’d thought it would be. In this case, you would want to say ‘Go’ because you will only go against a couple of competitors.

After you have chosen the right keywords, you should now get your own domain. Keep in mind that if you want your blog to be successful, you want to get your own premium domain for better speed and performance (as well as security).

You want to use some of your keywords for your domain name so it would be much easier for the search engines to track your page.

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Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

In case You’re Pear-Shaped.

Search for: A skirt that step by step flares out in an arrangement from the characteristic midriff to the floor, featuring the slenderness of the waist and gliding ceaselessly from the hips and thighs. (Sturdier textures, for example, duchesse silk and fabric, are particularly compelling, since they won’t stick.) A spaghetti-tie bodice or a V neck area will likewise exhibit a progressively slim chest area.

Remember: An exemplary A-line outline fits formal weddings. However, it can likewise be dressed down when produced using a progressively easygoing texture, similar to eyelet trim or crude silk shantung.

In case You’re Busty.

Search for: A luxury wedding dress with a scooped neck area. It will open up your face and show your décolletage without demonstrating an excess of cleavage. On the off chance that you cherish the vibe of strapless outfits, pick one that has a slight plunge along the neck area, similar to a sweetheart, as opposed to a style that goes straight crosswise over (which will cause your bust to seem significantly bigger and increasingly shelflike).

Remember: Fabric on the bodice that has a sheen to it, (for example, organza, glossy silk, or silk) will add volume and point out your chest. Material that is ruched will have a similar impact.

In case You’re Plus-Sized

Search for: An Empire dress with a skirt that starts simply under the bust and streams into a continuous floor-length A-line. Ensure the Empire crease does not begin the chest and that there is no creasing of the texture, which is reminiscent of maternity wear. The dress should play up your shape; if it’s excessively free, it will include pounds.

Remember: Find textures like glossy silk that give structure, as opposed to anything too flowy. In the event that you adore the sentimental look of airier textures, pick an outfit with a stiffer base, at that point include a weaved tulle overlay.

In case You’re Apple-Shaped.

Search for: A dress that snaps in at the littlest point on the waistline, at that point flares out into a steady A shape. Decide on a bodice with a ton of surface to it―think ruche or trim detailing―that will disguise and fit cozily, making a corsetlike impact.

The most slenderizing neck area for you is unified with a profound V, which will draw eyes toward the vertical, not the level.

Remember: Avoid trumpet dress styles, which stress the zone where your body is greatest and flare out at the legs and the knees, where you are generally slim.

In case You’re Tall.

Search for: A straightforward outline. The system is to underline your normal shape, so every part of the dress―the lower waistline, a story clearing hem―needs to mirror your more drawn out extents.

In case you’re wearing long sleeves, they ought to go past the wrist. You would prefer not to look as though you’ve acquired an outfit from somebody shorter than you.

Remember: Because you are statuesque, you’ll need to decide in favor of straightforwardness with regards to embellishments. Such a large number of extravagant accessories, similar to unsettles and rosettes, can appear to be cutesy, especially on a tall individual.

In case You’re Straight-Lined

Search for: A dress that will make bends where you don’t have them. Attempt a sheath dress in a wispy charmeuse that is cut on the predisposition; the bending side crease will give you a VA-VA-boom outline.

Or on the other hand search for a ball outfit that snaps in at your common midsection and plunges into a full, streaming floor-length skirt: It will benefit from your slimness and disguise an absence of hips.

In case You’re Petite.

Search for: Trumpet, sheath, and changed A-line outfits. Discover a style with a waistline over your regular midriff, to make the lower half of the dress (and accordingly you) seem longer. The texture is up to you―you can draw off a high sheen.

Yet, the itemizing ought to be little (no tremendous withdraws from) to the bodice, to draw the eye upward.

Remember: Be careful about dresses with a dropped midriff, which will cause your legs to appear to be nonexistent, and ball gowns―it’s anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in that voluminous skirt. Additionally, abstain from anything calf-length, which will make your legs look short.

In case You’re Small-Chested

Search for: A ruched bodice. Additional texture up top will help round out your chest area and make the figment of bends. Delicately cushioned strap styles will likewise work.

Remember: The correct bra will always give a pleasant lift. However, the same number of wedding dresses are strapless or revealing; your underwear alternatives might be genuinely restricted. Rather, attempt self-cement silicone bra cups by NuBra (accessible at

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How to Launch Successful Apps in 2019?

As they say, every application that you can find in the app store came from an idea. But, for the idea to become amazing, it has to be feasible first and foremost and it has to come into fruition by creating the actual app. That being said, an app building company follows a process to create an application, but how can you do so in a way that will result in the development of a successful application? Well, it all starts with the ‘discovery’.


The first stage of the process is where everything begins. This is where you will create the foundation that your developers will follow. The first part is the sketching. In some companies, they create what is known as a Lean Canvas and it provides the developers with information about the application- its strengths, features, weakness, as well as advantages and disadvantages. The next thing would be to conduct your research. You have to know what the customers want in an application for it to be successful.

It would be much more feasible for the company to target a certain demographic before branching out. Find out about what they like and other information that could help shape up the application the way it should be for it to be successful. After which, you will create what is known as a low-fidelity prototype which is just a visual representation of the application.


The next stage of the process is idea validation. In this part of the development process, you will conduct research about your competitors. What features of their app do people really love? What features do they hate? It would also be a good idea to look at the review section of the application to get some firsthand responses of what they truly like and what they really dislike about your competitor’s application. Also, it would help you to conduct a Google search to field all of the responses so that your team will be able to come up with a list of features that are not only feasible, but also the ones that your users are most likely going to love as well.

User Experience

The third step involves focusing on the overall user experience. This is where the design, as well as the features, are incorporated into the app. This is also the part where you create high-fidelity prototypes which come replete with the things I’ve just mentioned.

Design and Development

The last stage is where you will finally think about creating the final iteration of the application. You will focus both on the front-end and the back-end processes of the app. The front-end will mostly be the ones that your users will end up seeing. Think about visual design and the actual user interface. Always go for a more minimalistic design so that all of your important features will be put front and center.The back-end basically involves all of the coding and the things that your users will not see, but is still part of the process as it creates the foundation of the app.

After dealing with those things, you will need the application to undergo a testing phase (both alpha and beta) to ensure that any bug that is found will be ironed out and fixed before the application’s release. Once all of those things are done, your application is now ready for deployment. Do keep in mind that your job is not finished when this happens as you may have to implement new features, as well as fix any bugs that may come up during your user’s time when fiddling with the app.

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Important to Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

Easiest way to start a blog in Malaysia? When creating a content, you should write like you hear what you’re saying, and individuals will get tied up with it. Use a similar label regularly enough and Medium may choose you’re a specialist around there, regardless of whether you unmistakably should not be guiding others.

DO: Write Authentically

You’ve likely read the most ideal approach to pick up supporters/experience/awards is to compose and distribute each and every day, as a matter of course. Some may even say to distribute on different occasions multi day. What’s more, that is valid. The more you write, the better you’ll get. The more you distribute, the more readers you’ll pick up.

So truly, compose each day and distribute as regularly as could be allowed. In any case, just distribute those pieces that really mirror your veritable contemplations, conclusions, and understanding.

DON’TS: Write What You Think Will Attract Followers

Attempting to make work exclusively to accomplish devotees is a waste of time. There’s no real way to anticipate how readers will respond to your composition. Articles you believe will reverberate will crash and burn, while those you weren’t dazzled with will gain more traction.

You should compose for the love of writing and state what you need to state in your very own voice. Do that frequently, and supporters will come in due time.

DO: Let Your Words Breathe

Blogging isn’t care for different types of composing: you don’t need a great many words amassed together in long passages. Hold sections to three or four sentences, worst case scenario.

DO: Include Credited Images

ictures can add such a great amount to your post: a sprinkle of shading, a break operating at a profit and white. The correct picture can give accentuation to your words and effectively express your idea.

Keeping that in mind, consistently give source credit. It’s the decent activity, and most productions inside Medium won’t acknowledge the piece except if the pictures are credited properly.

DON’T: Be Careless

Ensure the visual relates here and there to the content. Keep in mind that most perusers have many different things shouting for their consideration at some random minute. You have just seconds to connect with them, so you need to ensure your picture and your title are engaging. Try not to deceive perusers by utilizing a highlighted photograph that doesn’t mirror your piece, in case you need to break trust with potential supporters.

DO: Write a Great Title

There are such huge numbers of articles out there that will give a wide range of conditions on the most proficient method to think of the ideal feature: use X number of words, consistently apply similar sounding word usage, descriptive words are magnificent, and so on.

DON’T: feed the Trolls

Will undoubtedly happen in the long run. You utilize every one of your endeavors to make an article and send it out to the world, just to have somebody disclose to you it’s horrendous and you’re a talentless hack. Accordingly, you get guarded and irate and hurt, and your first tendency is to safeguard your composition, your point of view, your feeling.

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The advantages of online casino gambling

The business of web-based gambling is viewed as one of the greatest these days. With legislatures of numerous nations bantering on the subject of legitimizing gambling, the internet gambling network has developed altogether over the most recent couple of years.

Playing at casinos online like in slot online Malaysia used to be a specialty advertise which has discovered ubiquity as of late. There are a large number of players now who sign in to play at casinos on the web, for both cash and for the sake of entertainment.

Casinos in South Africa are known to be probably the best time over the globe. In spite of the fact that you will pass up the feeling and an extraordinary social condition that genuine casinos bring to the table, you will likewise pass up a great opportunity in the event that you don’t play at online casinos.

They are engaging in their own specific manner. Since there are a few preferences of playing at casinos internet, gambling on the web is favored by numerous individuals to arrive based casinos.

Simplicity of playing

Maybe the best favorable position of having instruments online is that you can utilize them at whatever point you like, and in a hurry. Thusly, you don’t have to make a trip to a particular place to discover the excitement that a casino brings to the table.

You can play from the solace of your own home or notwithstanding when you are utilizing the open vehicle. Casinos can be gotten to with a web association and any gadget that interfaces with the web, be it a cell phone or a PC.

You can download streak adaptations of casino amusements on your cell phone and make speedy recreations like a hand at poker while holding up in line. Signing in and logging off is simple when it is on the web, and you can make it a piece of your day without making them be an independent action as it were. Thus, accommodation is maybe the essential advantage of playing on the web.

Wellbeing and Security

One of the primary reasons individuals legitimately abstain themselves from playing at online casinos is the dread of being deceived and burning through cash on applications and sites that they may not trust. Such concerns identified with decency are reasonable.

Be that as it may, in the event that you take care to look into the online casinos before playing, you are more averse to lose your assets. A respectable and dependable casino will be anything but difficult to spot, and audits from other individuals can reveal insight into the opportune place to play. Thusly, your wellbeing and security can be guaranteed on the web.

Free recreations

When you go to a genuine casino, you should pay a charge for each game you attempt as there are a set number of recreations and tables accessible for individuals to utilize. Playing on the web enables you to set aside that additional cash also, while as yet empowering you to appreciate the benefits of gambling.

Free applications and sites make it simple for everybody to take an interest in casino diversions. When you play for nothing, you can test at no additional expense.

This will likewise enable you to locate the online privilege casino to utilize your cash on in light of the fact that you would first be able to take the risk of playing for nothing. There are a few destinations that offer fundamental just as cutting-edge procedures which you can go for nothing before spending your cash at a genuine casino.

An assortment of amusements available to you

Since online casinos can have possibly a limitless number of individuals, there are additionally a large number of amusements that can be gotten to by clients. A land-based casino will have constrained diversions because of the absence of space, which isn’t a worry for virtual casinos.

There is no holding up time on the grounds that there are no substantial machines involved. An assortment of internet gambling diversions builds the amusement estimation of casinos.

There are a lot of amusements for you to attempt and you can locate the best ones that suit your extravagant and the ones that you are eager to spend on. There are a few live dealer amusements that can recreate a genuine casino.

Slot machine diversions are the most prominent on the grounds that they have the most assortment on the web. Playing on them basically gives a similar fulfillment as a tick-based game.

Great rewards

Land-put together casinos don’t work with respect to a reward framework. This isn’t the situation for virtual casinos the same number of offer rewards for specific exercises.

Also, there are numerous recreations that don’t expect you to spend your cash for the first round. Your stores can be multiplied on online casinos, and you get free spins on the off chance that you achieve certain levels or complete certain errands.

Some rewards are additionally time-based. For instance, there are diversions that give rewards in the event that you sign into the site successively for a couple of days. Not at all like land-based casinos, you can go through your cash online with included advantages.

Availability to the web has made ready for the internet gambling industry to help and permitted clients everywhere throughout the world to receive the rewards of virtual casinos at their very own time and pace. While it is, in fact, evident that land-based casinos give a unique domain to play, online casinos have a ton of advantages to offer that make them compelling.

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How to Make Money Through Google AdSense

Do you want to take your blogging strategy on a greater level?

Google AdSense is a platform you must explore, then. It is an advertising program allowing people to run ads on their own blogs, YouTube videos or websites. These ads are generated from companies that utilize Google’s AdWords programs.

The Pros and Cons to Making More Money Through Google AdSense


  • The Google AdSense program is free to join.
  • The eligibility requirements are not hard to provide, meaning you can monetize your blog or website even when it’s still new.
  • There are multiple of ad options You are free to customize the overall look, feel and vibe of your website.
  • Google will pay you monthly by direct deposit, once you meet the $100 threshold.
  • You are free to manage ads on many websites from a single AdSense account.
  • There are lots of options to run ads on RSS feeds and mobile devices.
  • You can add it conveniently on your Blogger and YouTube accounts.


  • When a person clicks on your AdSense ads, you can make some money. However, if this visitors leaves your web page, then you would still lose opportunities to more money through your own offerings, or earn commissions through affiliate products. If you want to offer more affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia, then you better improve your strategy.
  • It doesn’t really pay more compared to other similar programs.
  • Google will decide if it wants to terminate your AdSense account. That can be done in an instant. Clearly, they are not very forgiving when it comes to breaking the rules.
  • Traffic takes time to generate. In order to earn more through AdSense, you need lots of traffic.

Google AdSense is an amazing monetization tool, though you still need to work hard to experience all the amazing benefits and advantages. Remember, Google has plenty of rules that you can’t afford to overlook. Be aware of this, if you can’t afford to lose your account forever.

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What is the ‘Best Bet’ When Playing a Game of Craps?

Live Casinos in Malaysia can be quite intimidating, especially since some of the games are confusing for casual and newbie players. There are plenty of different casino games out there, but one of the best games that casual players can play with relative ease is a game of craps.

If you are going to bet on the craps table, you are going to be happy to know that the house doesn’t have the edge. In other words, the casino doesn’t have the advantage over the player, unlike other casino games.

Also, if you take a look at a craps table, you will find no mention of ‘odds’ on the layout. There is the usual “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” bets to take your odds on, but you are usually on your own when playing the game. It is important for any player to know the rules of the game so that you will not miss the best in the casino.

The Basics

So, you’ve read some information about how to play the game and you find that new shooters will have to place a wager either on the Pass or Don’t Pass line.

Whenever a new point of either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 has been made, players can just keep shooting. Also, what is considered as the odds bet– the one that provides zero advantage to the casino, is deemed as optional and would remain as such for the remainder of the game.

Although the pass line would always hand the player some even money, the beauty of the game rests in the hands of the Odds wagers that are paid before the point starts rolling.

To place the wager, you must simply put some chips behind the original pass line bet on the craps table. You have to remember that the wager should at least be equal to your pass line bet. For example, if your original wager is $20, then you put another $20 behind your original wager so that you can take the odds. The amount of money that you should wager will depend on the point number.

Suppose that the point is 4, 5, 9, or 10, then you should place the matching bets on the layout accordingly.

Odds Payoffs

Considering certain circumstances, you can win the pass line odds wager and they pay you as follows:

  • 4 or 10, you will be paid 2-1 on your Odds Wager
  • 5 or 9, you will be paid 3-2 on Your Odds Wager
  • 6 or 8, you will be paid 6-5 on your odds wager.

Most of the casinos out there should allow you to take double odds on your pass line bet. This means that say, you put $10 on your pass line bet, you should be able to get $20 on your odds bet.

Note that the pass line bet has a house edge of approximately 1.41% and that the Odds Bet doesn’t have any house edge at all, thereby lowering the casino’s edge on your overall wagers.