How to Take Care of Your Watch Properly: 6 Tips

How to Take Care of Your Watch Properly: 6 Tips

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1. Never test the watch to its limits.

Some watch owners put their timepieces inside the freezer, trying to check how long it would
last. Keep in mind that a watch is an intricate machine. Despite very high survival rates, this
completely makes sense. The shock protection mechanisms installed in modern watches may be reliable, but they still don’t give perfect protection from all angles.

2. Change watch straps carefully.

Avoid scratches by changing the watch straps carefully. You can damage the wag lugs just by
changing the watch strap. To learn how to change the strap properly, allow someone to teach you personally, or watch a thorough instructional video online. But, the best advice one can give you
here is to take it a professional.

3. Prioritize watch servicing.

A quality mechanical watch should be serviced regularly. Watch servicing can be expensive, but
it actually costs the watch brand more. There are tons of reasons for it, including the need to
maintain thousands of watch. For a thorough service, a timepiece needs to be completely
disassembled and reassembled. The reassembling part on a new timepiece is more challenging,
since its parts have worn, and no longer fits it well.

4. Don’t clean it with soap.

Looking for women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia can be difficult. Therefore, once you get
hold of the perfect watch, you must learn how to take care of it properly. One of the most
important things you should focus on is cleaning part. Sometimes, small debris and particles will
work its way inside the watch’s mechanism, but don’t clean it with soap and water. A bit of
water and a small cloth won’t hurt, though. Soap molecules can work its way into the watch’s
small spaces.

5. Enjoy wearing your watch.

A watch, no matter how expensive or cheap, should be enjoyed. Don’t lock it inside the safe for
a long period of time. Do you know that wearing it can help it function well? It allows the
timepiece to stay wound, for its lubricants to work properly.

6. Keep the watch wound.

Modern watch lubricants are long-lasting, but they surely wouldn’t last over time. A watch that
is appropriately lubricated would last longer and better. By winding it, you can help your
timepiece spread its lubricants, and work properly.