Foolproof Ways in Selecting a Watch for Men

Foolproof Ways in Selecting a Watch for Men

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So, you’re thinking of buying your boyfriend a watch for his birthday but you do not have
any knowledge about the perfect men’s watches. Do not worry because, in this article, I
will give you some foolproof ways of choosing a watch for your guy.


There are so many different watch types out there but I am only going to narrow it down
between two most popular ones. The first one is the quartz watch which is powered by a
battery for its oscillatory movement.
Because quartz watches rely on a battery to help keep its mechanisms going, this is the
more accurate timepiece than the other type which I am going to talk about next.
Automatic watches are watches that rely on a mainspring for its watch movement. But,
instead of you manually winding the watch to make it work every day, it has a self-
winding mechanism that does the winding on its own. The only thing that your boyfriend
has to remember is that they should wear the watch every single day just to have this
coiling feature run all the time.
You can never go wrong with either type, but keep in mind that because of the intricate
mechanisms that run on automatic watches, they are more expensive than their quartz


I am going to assume that you and your boyfriend are in a relationship for quite some
time now and you might already know what his hobbies are, as well as his personality.
That being said, you also have to consider what he is going to use his watch for. Is he a
more active individual or does he just go to casual events? Does he go to a lot of formal
You see, a watch is not merely just an accessory that helps tell the time; it can actually
be a part of someone’s fashion statement as well.
So, if they are more of the hiking type, you may want to go for the more rugged watches
to suit his lifestyle.


Since you know your boyfriend so much now, you might already know his preference
when it comes to style. Just like women, men do have a certain taste when it comes to
different things; their watch included.
Look at the clothes that your boyfriend is wearing. What is his predominant style? From
there, find watches that suit his style and go from there.


When buying a watch, do not rely solely on the price of the timepiece but rather its
overall package. People instantly assume that the more expensive a thing is, that they
are always assured of quality. This is actually not the case.
For instance, you can buy a really great Casio Edifice watch for less than $300 but you
could be wasting your money on a $2000 watch that breaks so easily.
Do not worry as there is a vast wealth of information out there that will help you know if
a certain watch deserves your attention or not.